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The foundation
student inn in bø

The Studentkroa Foundation in Bø is one of Telemark's largest concert stages and is run by students at the University of Southeast Norway. The main board, together with the general manager, manages and sets up guidelines for the program and what activites goes on in the house. We want Kroa in Bø to be an important national concert venue with a wide field of impact among students and locals, with a focus on music experiences. It is of the greatest possible priority to be able to give everyone the best possible offer. Kroa in Bø will be a social meeting place for students and an attractive venue to the local population. We will be among the region's most professional cultural arenas and an attractive workplace for volunteers.

Articles of association for the foundation studentkroa in bø.

Name and purpose

Name & Goal  

§1 The purpose of Studentkroa i Bø foundation is to run the welfare house for students at the University of Southeast Norway (USN), campus Bø, according to the laws and regulations that apply to the operation of foundations and the laws and regulations applies to the sale / serving of alcohol. The foundation shall ensure that the internal rules adopted at the house are within the rules above, at the same time as the foundation's task is to create the best possible conditions for the greatest possible activity on the house. The foundation can also take care of other tasks that are of economic, social and cultural interest to the students at the school. 

§2 The foundation is a separate financially independent legal entity, subject to the law of 23 May 1980 on foundations, etc .. Neither the board, the members nor the student organizations involved have personal financial responsibility for the foundation's obligations beyond what follows from the law, cf. § 13 on board members' responsibility for intentional and negligent actions. Any profit from the operation shall only be used for the foundation's purpose.

§3 The foundation's capital is NOK 1,023,265.67. This is obtained through the value of objects, valued at discretion at fair value / realizable value, cf. § 26, 2nd paragraph of the Act, as well as the transferred equity from previous operations.

§4 The foundation has a business office in Midt Telemark and must report to the Register of Business Enterprises and the State Administrator in Vestfold and Telemark.


The Board 

§5 The foundation shall have a board of 6 members. The board commits the foundation externally and has the highest authority in all matters concerning the foundation's activities. The board shall ensure that the business is in accordance with laws and articles of association and that Kroa is operated in accordance with sound management principles and follows good accounting.

§6 The board of the foundation shall have the following composition;

  • a member with deputy, both with workplace Bø appointed by University of Southeast Norway (USN)

  • a member with a deputy, appointed by the Student Association in Southeast Norway, 

  • two members with a deputy, appointed by the Student Council at the University College of Southeast Norway, Campus Bø. 

  • two members with a deputy, appointed by the main committee  at Kroa in Bø,

The general manager is a member of the board without the right to vote and is also the secretary of the board with the right to speak and make proposals. The general manager prepares matters for the board. The board elects its own chairman and deputy chairman for 1 year at a time. The meetings are chaired by the chairman or deputy chairman. In the event of a lapse from both of these, the board elects a chairman of the meeting. 

§ 7.     The board determines when to meet. The chairman of the board convenes board meetings, either himself or in consultation with the general manager. Board meetings shall be convened when at least two of the board members or the general manager so request. The board has a quorum when at least 4 of the board members are present. In the event of a tie, the chair of the meeting shall have the casting vote. In the case of elections or appointments, voting shall take place again if none of the candidates has received a majority of the votes. If the equality of votes is the same even after this, a lottery shall be drawn between the candidates. 


§ 8. The board binds the foundation and can provide a power of attorney


§ 9. The board appoints the general manager of the foundation. The general manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the foundation in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the board. The board sets instructions for the general manager and the Executive committee at Kroa in Bø and can establish and delegate decision-making authority to other committees affiliated with Kroa. Other staff are employed by the board or a person/committee given power of attorney by the board. 




§ 10. The board is responsible for ensuring that the annual report and accounts are prepared by 31 March each year. The accounts shall be audited by the auditor, elected by the board and approved in accordance with the Act on Foundations, etc., cf. § 11 and § 28. The annual report with accounts shall be presented each year to “Statsforvalteren” and the other organizations that appoint board members.




§ 11. The board can, by a 2/3 majority, amend the articles of association. The foundation can be dissolved by a 2/3 majority if the board of the Student Association in Southeast Norway (SSN) and the University of Southeast Norway (USN) approve it. In that case, the foundation's assets shall be transferred to SSN and USN and disposed of in accordance with the foundation's purpose.



§ 12. These articles of association take effect from 28.05.2021

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