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The waffles

Our waffles are known throughout the music industry in Norway. Every artist who has ever been at Kroa has tasted these waffles and so can you! 

Our famous Kroa waffles

The Kroa waffles have a secret recipe that has been passed down from the Kroa generation to generation ever since 1971! The waffles are so good that you do not even need jam!

All artists who come to us always get freshly baked waffles! And if there is one thing we often hear among industry people, it is reminiscent of the Kroa waffles at the pool (the old backstage)!

Previously, only the volunteers and artists enjoyed this delicious pastry, but today we have an open café three days a week - and there you will be greeted by the smell of freshly baked waffles. So now a days everyone can enjoy our mythical waffles!

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