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Rent KROA?

Yes, it is possible to rent Kroa!

Do you need a venue for a Christmas party, birthday party, children's disco, seminar or something else? We have beautiful, flexible premises that can be rented. You can rent for closed events, but also for open events with the audience or guests if desired. Get in touch and we will find out what is best for you.


We can staff the bar and have dining if desired. We are not able to allow alcohol to be brought on any occasions due to our license to serve alcohol. Prices: Students at HSN, dept. Bø: Free - if you do not need our staff and wash yourself. Otherwise the price differs depending on the size of the event and the use of crew, employees and equipment.

We have a large hall that can be used in several ways, we have a large stage, but we can also close the stage and build a smaller stage on the floor. We also have an intimate stage, this is our cafe and here it is possible to have smaller events, both seminars and concerts. We also have a gallery, or mezzanine as it is called - it can be rented for VIP events during our concerts. 

Contact the general manager for further information:

907 56 814 /

Bands / artists who want to be booked and not rent can contact

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Thank you for your request
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