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Any questions? Here we have gathered some information that may be clarifying for you.

Forgot something?

Did you forget something? Send us a message on facebook(kroaibo) or an email to

Forgotten items that are not picked up within two months are donated away.


The cloakroom is often serviced at the largest events, and costs 30,-. You hang your jacket here at your own risk. We recommend that you do not leave valuables in the jacket. We do not take care of bags in the wardrobe. If you have a bag or sack in our premises, you must show the contents to the guards. Brought alcohol will be confiscated. 

Ticket prices

It is cheaper to buy a ticket in advance. You can do this via our website, Facebook or our ticket provider Hoopla.  If you have not bought a ticket in advance, do not despair, we have ticket sales at the door as well (unless it is sold out), but then the ticket price is somewhat higher. 

Student prices

We have student prices for tickets and in the bar. Show a valid student ID at the entrance and you will receive a unique stamp that you must make visible in the bar to get the studentprices. 

Our staff

The people who work at Kroa work voluntarily. Please respect the guards and bar staff. They do a great job for all of you and work to make sure that the audience members have a great night!


It is not allowed to bring animals to Kroa, in the public areas. 

Under 18 years?

Are you under 18? Feel free to come to the concert anyway, but bring your mother, father, aunt or another adult over the age of 25. Contact us ahead of the concert or arrive a little earlier (when the doors open) and contact the event manager. There you sign a guardianship contract which states that the adult is responsible for the minor not enjoying alcohol at the concert. You also have to buy tickets in advance if there is a risk of "sold out". 


At our events that have an 18-year age limit, we require that you have valid identification. First and foremost, we want to emphasize that Student ID or similar is not an approved ID. We accept bank cards, driver's licenses, passports, state-approved military IDs and state-approved IDs from other nations. The identification must be legible, ie the name and birth number must be easily understood by doormen or others who must check them, the picture must be clearly recognizable, it must not be out of date. We reserve the right to refuse entrance for persons who lack approved or legible identification.  

U18 Mezzanine

At selected concerts, we hold the mezzanine (the large balcony above the sound booth) to the audience under 18 and their parents. Here you must have bought a ticket in advance, there are separate tickets called U18 mezzanine. If you buy these, you must stay on the mezzanine during the concert. If you are under 14 years of age, you must bring a guardian to join us. If you have turned 14, you can come without a guardian. Follow our program and you will see which concerts will have the U18 Mezzanine. Remember that we also at all other concerts offer the possibility of guardianship contract if you are under 18.

Other questions?

Thanks for your submission!

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